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Deadline in 5 weeks: A Letter to Educators

There’s still time to make your feelings known…will education in the U.S. remain a profession?

Something Real

Dear Educators,

In just five weeks time, a deadline concerning teacher preparation programs – on a national scale – will pass… will you have educated yourself on the issue and made your opinion known? Recently, the ED “announced” new guidelines that many were not happy with; I put quotes around announced because it was actually announced years before in the Federal Register, but many educators missed it… years later, just days before the new guidelines are effective, many teachers and parents are left wondering how they could have missed it, if there is there anything that can be done in these final days, and how can they make their opposition known.

Sadly, the boat may have sailed for those rule changes. However, there is a new boat on the horizon that you shouldn’t miss…

Don’t let the implementation dates in 2017-2019 fool you, this is a normal implementation timeline…

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