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Teachers! THINK Before You Vent

More and more teachers are speaking out on public education issues. Jersey Jazzman has this warning/reminder:

Teachers: Your Work Email Is a Public Record

Teachers, I thank you for reading this blog. And I am always happy to hear from you. But remember:

Emails from your work email account are public records. Which is why I don’t respond to emails sent from school district addresses.

And any email traffic over a district network can be monitored – even if it is your private email account.

Just saying…

Comment #1 reminds teachers that you are still subject to open records laws if you use corporation equipment, even if you’re using your own, personal, web-based email — or other — accounts.

More information about a similar topic is the question of using social media and discussing your work. Listen to NPR’s Talk of the Nation from February 19.

Social Media And Work: Is It Ever OK To Complain Online?

Stop the Testing Insanity!


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