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180 Days Well Spent

Here’s an example of how much we are missing by focusing on tests…

What makes a good school?

  • children are given opportunities to work together cooperatively
  • children learn from one another
  • teachers know the children
  • schools are communities…children, teachers, and parents have a voice
  • meaningful noise — children are active learners
  • parents are part of the fabric of the school
  • teachers are encouraged to be problem solvers, exploring how children learn
  • teachers are child observers instead of test preppers — observations and assessment

Watch the video and learn.

Think! How much of what these children are learning will appear as part of a standardized test score?

180 Days Well Spent began with a group of NYC parents who got together to discuss their feelings about the negative impact of high-stakes testing based on their children’s experiences. Together, they began to think about and envision what a good classroom and school would look like without high-stakes tests. They teamed up with an amazing group of educators and began to explore issues like: What is it that we WANT for our children and for our schools and communities? What makes a good school? What do our children need and deserve to ensure their right to a high-quality education? If we know high stakes tests don’t measure our children’s learning, what does?

Stop the Testing Insanity!


Retired after 35 years in public education.